Social Research
SCS is specialized in social research, that may contribute to a better understanding of relevant social issues. Very often small-scale in-depth research and large-scale quantitative survey research are combined.
Recent research topics are:
• Employment policy
• Job meditation policy: the tailor-made method
• Public Relations campaigns and the use of multimedia

Methodological Research
SCS is also carrying out methodological research in the field of data collection, questionnaire development, attitudinal scaling, and concept development.
Recent research topics are:
• The use of assertions in Public Opinion Research
• Pretesting questionnaires
• Cross National Attitude Scale Development
• Measuring Social Inequality

Support Through Subsidies
SCS also subsidizes research and publications of young promising researchers in the field of Cultural Studies.

Current Research Projects
• Monitoring racial and ethnic discrimination in the Netherlands
• Effectivity of the public relations campaign for science and technology
• Community development in Industrial areas: interactive policy development
• Attitudes toward Illegal Immigrants
• Multi-issue Social Science: Positions and structures in a complex world